Antibiotic Stewardship Program

Ready-Made Antibiotic Stewardship Program for Nursing Homes, Urgent Care Centers, Emergency Departments and Outpatient Clinics that fulfils ALL the Core Elements of Antibiotic Stewardship recommended by the CDC.

 One location for all your Antibiotic Stewardship needs. 

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Nursing Homes

 Up to 70% of nursing home residents receive antibiotics in any given year and of that up to 75% of those prescriptions were incorrect . For nursing homes today that intend to be reimbursed by CMS....

 Antibiotic Stewardship is MANDATORY!

“One-stop” complete, robust, antibiotic stewardship program !

Regulation is HERE! (page 3 Infection Control)

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Outpatient Medical Settings

1 in 3 antibiotics given in outptient medical settings are unnecessary. 

 CDC estimated that at least 50% of antibiotic prescriptions for acute respiratory conditions are unnecessary. In 2011,  one-third of the nearly 500,000 C. difficile infections in the U.S. were community-associated, ie happened in patients who had no recent overnight stay in a healthcare facility.

 Regulation is coming! 

Protect patients that visit your Emergency Department, Urgent Care or Outpatient Clinic. 

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Patient Antibiotic Stewardship Education

Patient Education

Preemptively manage provider and patient expectations !

Have less of a hurdle to jump in negotiating over antibiotics !

 Remotely educate your patients concerning when antibiotics may not be needed BEFORE the need even arises.

Accessible on all devices !   

outpatient setting core element documents

Core Elements Outpatient (pdf)


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